Cold Hands Classic Sunday January 11th 2015

Well it’s been few months since we had a tournament, and everyone is getting cabin fever I’m sure. So this Saturday we are supposed to have some great weather highs in the upper 30’s low 40’s and hopefully the rain will miss us. So tomorrow at 10:45am at Lock 4 boat ramp in Gallatin, TN we will host the Cold Hands Classic. This is a casual event and will be very relaxed with no points awarded.

Casual Kayak Bass Tournament
When: 1/11/2015 11AM TO 4PM. Sign up 10:45am
How: Pay $15 plus a $5 option for Big Fish
3 Longest Bass Win. 12″ minimum
Measure with hawg trough.
Where: Lock 4 Boat Ramp, Old Hickory Lake.
1293 Lock 4 Road
Gallatin, TN 37066
36.336963, -86.474850


We are getting very close to releasing the 2015 KBFTN schedule. 2014 was very successful but we are always looking for ways to improve. See below for key changes to the 2015 season.

#1 Payouts will raise slightly. See below. Not including
the $5 big fish option.

$20 for Tuesday night events 2 – 4 hours
$25 for Saturday Events 4 – 8 hours
$45 for Two Day Events 8+ hours

$1 of each entry will be donated to Heros on the Water.

#2 Trolling with one rod will be allowed. So no casting while a rod is

#3 No pre-fishing day of the tournament.

#4 Minimum length will be 12″

#5 Stringers or Clips are allowed as long as it doesn’t prevent the
bottom lip from touching the measuring device.

#6 Tail can be pinched or non-pinched.

#7 There will be two river events. Schedule to be posted soon.

#8 The 5 top anglers from KBFTN will qualify for the Tennessee
State Championship and the 2015 Tournament of Champions
in Texas. Much more info on this coming soon as

June 10th KBFTN Hamilton Creek Rescheduled

Due to the inclement weather over the past 5 days and continuing for at least the next 3-4 days I regrettably inform you that we will reschedule for Tuesday June 17th same place same time. I have no problem fishing in the wind and rain, but for safety concerns and safety is our main priority we will have to hold off a week on this one. I made all the notices yesterday via forums, and Facebook, but I forgot to post it up[ on our main page. We hope to see everyone next Tuesday at Hamilton Creek on Percy Priest, for a fun evening of fishing. Until then take care, and catch some fish.

Kayak Cranking by Craig Dye

Kayak Cranking

When it comes to fishing tournaments from a single launch with 30 other anglers, or not having the option to run 10 miles up lake to another spot, throwing a crankbait is the most efficient and productive way to find bass from a kayak. Crankbaits allow depths from 6 inches down to 25 feet to be fished quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a reservoir, river system, or small private water, my go-to search bait is always a crankbait.

I get many questions in regards to how to throw crank baits in cover, especially in shallow water with wood or rock. How do I prevent from getting hung up? What’s the best bait to use? What’s the best color? I will answer these questions, but first, here’s a quick fishing story.

I was pre-fishing for a tournament on Chickamauga Lake, and I found a stretch of stumps in 2-6 feet of water. I started to fish with a jig, then a Texas rigged worm and found nothing, not even a sniff. I knew the fish had to be there getting ready for the spawn, so I started throwing a Strike King KVD 1.5 square bill and caught a 3.5 pounder on my second cast. I immediately stopped fishing with the hope that the fish would be there when it would count. On tournament day, I caught a nice limit and got second place while fishing a 50 yard stretch bouncing the crankbait off stumps. The key was getting the reaction bite when the fish wouldn’t take a jig or worm. The quick change of direction triggers the bass to bite.

Now to address the questions I most often answer about crankbait fishing. Occasionally, I will get hung up on structure, but the technique is to use a medium to medium heavy action rod paired with a square bill crankbait. The flex in the rod along with the shape of the bill lets the bait deflect off cover instead of hanging.

While working close to the shallow cover, I use a short underhand cast to land the bait just past the stumps or rocks, then reel while staying in contact with the cover. If I feel the bait start to hang, I will stop my retrieve and more than likely it will float out. When it comes to retrieve speed, I like to make 4 or 5 fast turns of the handle to get the bait down to the cover or the bottom. Like I mentioned earlier, the rod is very important, so for shallow cranking, an APX 7′ Medium Heavy Cranking from All Pro Rods is my rod of choice.

For deep cranking, I will cast way past my target to make sure the bait gets down. Even in 15 feet of water, I like the bait to have contact with the bottom for as long as possible. For deep cranking, the APX Blaster 7′ 10″ medium or medium heavy is perfect for making long casts while getting the bait down deep.

So, what’s the best bait? What’s the best color? There are many options here, but the following are a few of my favorites. It’s broken down into depths from shallow (2 ft. to 8 ft.) to deep (10 ft. to 16 ft.).

Shallow Timber/Rocks with Stained water:

Strike King KVD 1.5 or 2.5 in Chartreuse, Bluegill, or DB Craw (10lb – 20lb Fluorocarbon)

Shallow Timber/Rocks with clear water:

Strike King KVD 1.5 in Sexy Shad. (10lb to 15lb Fluorocarbon)

Rapala DT-6 in Helsinki Shad or Silver. (10lb to 15lb Fluorocarbon)

Rapala Shad Rap #5 in Helsinki Shad or Silver. (6lb to 10lb Fluorocarbon)

Deep Structure/Stained Water:

Strike King 5XD in Chartreuse body or Citrus Shad. (12lb to 15lb Fluorocarbon)

Rapala DT-10/DT-14 in Fire Tiger or Chartreuse Lime. (12lb to 15lb Fluorocarbon)

Deep Structure/Clear Water:

Rapala DT-10/DT-14 in Helsinki Shad or Silver. (10lb to 15lb Fluorocarbon)

Rapala Shad Rap #8 in Helsinki Shad or Silver. (8lb to 12lb Fluorocarbon)

Once I have located a good concentration of fish I will always go back to the same stretch with a worm or jig. The crankbait helps me find fish quickly and efficiently. I hope this will give you confidence while throwing your favorite lure into a pile of timber. Just remember, if you aren’t hitting anything, you aren’t catching anything.

Craig Dye

Hook1 Crew

Power Team Lures Pro Staff






Photos by Mike Ernst Bostic Photography

Kayak Bass Fishing TN Season Opener

We had 33 Anglers join us for the Kayak Bass Fishing TN Season Opener two day tournament.

Each angler was allowed to turn in 5 fish a day for two days so each angler could submit up to 10 fish. We took each anglers best 5 fish for the weekend and that was the results. All fish are CATCH PHOTO RELEASE (CPR).

The fishing was tough with a lot of 12″ fish being caught the 1st day. We hoped the fishing would get better for the second day, but it did not. Anglers had to really hunt for the fish and use their skills to get the fish to eat.

Brock King had big bass and took home $165

1st place Craig Dye with 80.25″ winning $148
2nd place Ron Champion with 73″ winning $89
3rd place Chris Odom 72″ winning $40
4th place Tyler Overstreet 69.75″ winning $30
5th place Scott Fujimura 67.25″ winning $23

We had also had a corn hole tournament with 5 teams for a pair of Beaver Creek Custom Lures.
Sarah and Shae
Jeremy and Mike
Mike and Truitt
Kevin and Troy
Chris and John

The winners a pair of Beaver Creek Custom Lures were Mike and Truitt

Bledsoe Creek Full Results

Bledsoe Creek FINAL SCORES