Lock 3 Recap

We had 28 anglers fish with us last night and 14 of those caught fish. We had some varying winds 8-12mph out of the north/northwest and gusts up to 16mph temperatures in the low 70’s and mostly sunny skies. We welcomed our youngest angler to ever fish with us.

The event started off bad for me. My electronics would flash briefly ½ second and then go dark when trying to turn on. I decided to paddle across the lake from Lock 3 and that was exhausting. About 30 minutes into fishing I got slammed on a 3/8 oz spinnerbait and then felt nothing, I sped up my retrieve and still felt the fish so I gave a could more hooksets for reassurance. I knew it was a good fish and once boat side it was a 21” Channel Cat. I kept working the same area and got a Devils Horse snagged on some small brush in the water so I decided to give it a jerk and when I did here came the bait. One of the trebles decided to bury itself in my leg below my knee. I paddled over to my wife and said “You’re going to have to snatch this out”. She done well and snatched the bait out with not much tissue being pulled out and very little blood. I continued to fish and Mike Ernst hooked a hawg behind me and got his heartbroken with a boat side release that would have gotten him big bass, and placed him in the top 2 or 3. I ended up catching a few dinks that didn’t measure. Sarah caught a few dinks and a 21” drum.

Our next tournament is on Percy Priest out of Fate Sanders June 9th. We will have registration from 4:30pm to 5pm.


20150519_205640 20150519_205611 20150519_205533 20150519_205457 20150519_205429 20150519_205405 20150519_205318 20150519_205231 20150519_205137 20150519_205047 20150519_205006 20150519_205001 20150519_204906 20150519_181921 20150519_181906 20150519_181406 20150519_181404 20150519_181402 20150519_181219 20150519_181217 20150519_181212 20150519_174810 20150519_174920 20150519_180245 20150519_180650 20150519_180842

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