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About Jeremy Meier

I live just outside Nashville, Tennessee with my wife (Sarah) and Chocolate Lab Ady. We enjoy fishing any kind of water for many species of fish. We enjoy traveling to explore new fishing destinations. We enjoy sharing our stories, experiences, opinions and views with whoever will listen. Fishing takes me many places and allows me to meet many great people.

Cumberland River Tournament Recap

Saturday we had a little different tournament format. This was a tournament located on the Cumberland River that was random draw location. Nobody knew where they would fish beforehand, although they did know the four available launches we would be using.

Friday I figured I’d see what it was like to paddle upriver under 2 generators, so I put in at the dam at 6am and floated about 3 miles until I could see the Old Hickory Bridge and that was around 1pm. I then decided to paddle the 3 miles against 2 generators, the ATAK done well, and it was a good workout. Paddling upriver against generation and trying to fish is not an easy task. I ended up catching 3 drum over 20”, and several more in the 17-18” range, 1 largemouth, 1 shortnose gar, 10-12 or so largemouth, and 1 channel catfish. I barely dodged one storm and just received a little rain and a lot of wind. I met several people on the water who were very helpful and polite, much different people than on the lakes. I ended up getting back to the ramp at the dam around 4pm, so it was a 10hr fishing trip, which was much needed.

Everyone met up at a central location at 5am Saturday morning to register, go over the rules and draw ramps. Now the ramp you drew you could put in or take out there so if you wanted you could have a partner and do a float between the ramp you drew and another ramp of your choosing.  We had 12 people team up, and 14 people going out as individuals making our attendance a total of 26. Everyone drew, some were happy. Some were not. The ramps drawn were Old Hickory Dam, Heartland, Lock 2 and Shelby. Sarah and I got Lock 2 which neither of us had ever fished. We let everyone go from the Captains meeting at 6am, but nobody could leave the bank from their ramp until 6:30 to give everyone a chance to get to their spots.

The generation was much different only 1 generator was to be running, and we had winds out of the west/southwest which counter acted the current. This made for lake like conditions which I’m wasn’t fond of.

The fishing was hot, I started catching fish and getting bites immediately, but they were all short. These are catch photo and release tournaments, but we still have a minimum length of 12”. All my fish were 9, to 11.5”. I tried switching techniques, and still the same results. I met up with Sarah on the water around noon and she was having the same results. So I figured we’d just hang out on the water until around 2:45 when we had to get off the water and get to Hook1 in Hendersonville to get check-in, setup and get organized.  Shortly after meeting up with Sarah she had a good one follow a jig, then she caught a 16.5” on a jig, and then I caught a 13.25” on a shakey head. She rallied back with a 13.25”, and I caught a few more dinks that wouldn’t measure. Then we were fishing the same hole and she had a good bite, and then a follow, I casted past her and caught a 14.5” Spotted Bass. Neither of us skunked, but we sure didn’t get our 5 fish limit neither.  There were 6 of us who fished out of lock 2 and only one got his 5 fish limit and was even culling fish. Nobody skunked out of there, so that was good.

The winner Craig Dye fished out of Lock 2

2nd Bronson Locklear fished out of Shelby Park

3rd Josh Stewart fished out of Old Hickory Dam

4th Logan Ardry fished out of Old Hickory Dam

5th Mike Ernst fished out of Shelby Park

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KBFTN Tournament #5 Cumberland River

Registration begins at 5am and closes at 5:45am, please be at Donelson Ace Hardware
2730 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214 at a respectable time.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me “Jeremy” at 812-322-4711

The 5th stop of the KBFTN series is almost here. We will be fishing the Cumberland River. This is a random draw tournament where you will draw a location the morning of the tournament during registration. The location you draw must either be your put in or take out location. You can partner up before hand to help with shuttling if needed, but this is not a team event.

Registration will be held at the Donelson Ace Hardware
2730 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214
starting at 5:00am and will be cutoff at 5:45am
Captains Meeting at 5:45am-6:00am

Check-in will be at the Hook 1 store in Hendersonville from 4:30-5pm. NO SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED AFTER 5pm
127 Sanders Ferry Rd
Hendersonville, TN 37075
36.301811, -86.615293

$25 Entry
$5 Big Bass
21″ Challenge $20 (The pot is at $600)

Launch will be 6:30am, check in at 5pm.
We will be using each anglers best five black bass, minimum 12″.
(5 Fish Limit)
Please bring a camera and your own measuring device “Hawg Trough” carried by Hook1.
This is a catch, photo, and release tournament, so no fish will be kept.
No Live Bait
No motors allowed
Trolling of only 1 rod, and only 1 rod may be used at a time.
A PFD is to be worn at all times while on the water. If caught not wearing a PFD is disqualification.

The launch locations to be drawn are:

Old Hickory Dam
1086 Cinder Road Old Hickory, TN 37138
36.290280, -86.662909

Heartland Park
3099 Fernbrook Lane Nashville, TN 37214
36.185552, -86.667811

Lock 2 Park
2699 Lock 2 Road Nashville, TN 37214
36.243097, -86.701725

Shelby Park
1591 Music City Bikeway Nashville, TN 37206
36.165071, -86.733948

Please familiarize yourself with these locations before hand.

More information and complete rules located at

If the river is blown out we will 4 alternate locations on one of the local lakes to fish from.

Fate Sanders Recap

Last night at Fate Sanders on Percy Priest we had 37 people come to compete in the 4th tournament of the season. We also had 5 or 6 people that are interested come and check things out, like registration, captains meeting, check-in and awards. Again like every tournament we are seeing new faces. Everyone was worried about storms, but they had passed the night before. The water conditions hadn’t changed much, and I stuck to my original game plan of fishing a hump, and the ledge to the hump. My plan didn’t work out as I had hoped, but some of the group put a game plan together and executed it well.

Our next tournament is a river tournament Saturday June 20th on the Cumberland River where you will draw your launch the morning of the tournament at the captains meeting. The launches to be drawn will be Old Hickory Dam, Heartland, Lock 2 Park, and Shelby Park. This will be an all day tournament where you can launch or take out at your drawn location, so you may have a partner to assist with a shuttle. This will be a 5 fish limit. Details will follow this week, so keep checking back.

Fate Sanders Results


Season Standings

TOP 25 After Fate Sanders

Lock 3 Recap

We had 28 anglers fish with us last night and 14 of those caught fish. We had some varying winds 8-12mph out of the north/northwest and gusts up to 16mph temperatures in the low 70’s and mostly sunny skies. We welcomed our youngest angler to ever fish with us.

The event started off bad for me. My electronics would flash briefly ½ second and then go dark when trying to turn on. I decided to paddle across the lake from Lock 3 and that was exhausting. About 30 minutes into fishing I got slammed on a 3/8 oz spinnerbait and then felt nothing, I sped up my retrieve and still felt the fish so I gave a could more hooksets for reassurance. I knew it was a good fish and once boat side it was a 21” Channel Cat. I kept working the same area and got a Devils Horse snagged on some small brush in the water so I decided to give it a jerk and when I did here came the bait. One of the trebles decided to bury itself in my leg below my knee. I paddled over to my wife and said “You’re going to have to snatch this out”. She done well and snatched the bait out with not much tissue being pulled out and very little blood. I continued to fish and Mike Ernst hooked a hawg behind me and got his heartbroken with a boat side release that would have gotten him big bass, and placed him in the top 2 or 3. I ended up catching a few dinks that didn’t measure. Sarah caught a few dinks and a 21” drum.

Our next tournament is on Percy Priest out of Fate Sanders June 9th. We will have registration from 4:30pm to 5pm.


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2015 KBFTN Season Opener Full Results

Here are the full results of the KBFTN Season Opener. We had 40 Anglers, $1990 in cash, and around $300 in product and gift cards. I want to thank everyone for coming out and all their support. KBFTN would not be what it is today without everyone who has fished with us throughout the last three years.
We have sponsors who have recognized what we have been doing and all the support and they are Hook1, Bad Boy Jigs, and Power Team Lures. Robert Weiker the owner of E&B Custom Tackle fished with us and done very well, he also donated 12 custom painted crankbaits. Chad Hoover, Mark Southern Fishing, Katie Bob Bernotsky.
The season opener is a two day best 5 fish, and the leaderboard changes were nothing short of adrenaline pumping. Congratulations to Craig Dye on securing 1st place, Joey Kelly came from behind and made the needed surge on day 2 to take 2nd place, Michael Ernst found the fish he needed on day two for a good 3rd place finish, Shae Mccord tried something different on day 2 and it definately paid off for 4th place, Josh Stewart participated in his first KBFTN event and had a great day two jumping 10 spots to take 5th place. Big Bass was Craig Dye with an 18.5″ largemouth on day 1 that held on for day two and earned him $190 for one fish.