2016 Rules

2016 KAST Member Tournament Format and Rules

The tournaments are open to all anglers provided they meet the requirements and honor all rules and regulations stated.

I. Participation and Eligibility
 a. Tournaments are open to the public
 b. All anglers must have a valid fishing license and follow all st    ate governed rules.
 c. All anglers must wear their PFD at ALL times.
II. Entry Fees
 a. Entry fee must be paid PRIOR to the event.
 b. Entry fees will be collected at launch location.
III. Watercraft
 a. Only human-powered vessels will be allowed (canoes, kayaks, SUP)
 b. No electric or gas motors permitted.
 c. Accommodations will be made for special needs anglers on a case to case basis.
 d. All fish must be taken from your vessel.
 e. Only one paid entrant per vessel.
IV. General Rules
 a. No fish will be kept in ice chests, baskets, stringers, etc.
 b. All fish must be caught live
 c. Fish may be held with Fish Grips prior to photo, but must be free while photo is taken
 d. All fish will be immediately released unharmed after photo has been taken.
 e. Each fish can only be submitted once.
 f. Fish must be caught using conventional rod/reel only
 g. All bass must be hooked inside the mouth
 h. Snatching or snagging fish is not permitted
 i. Artificial lures only
 j. Only 1 rod may be used at one time
 k. PFD must be vest-style and be visible on each angler at ALL times
 l. A light, visible 360 degrees, must be used before sunrise and after sunset
 m. Angler must have all Coast Guard required safety equipment (light source, whistle or other audible signal device, Coast Guard approved chest-style life preserver [PFD]).
V. Qualifying Fish
 a. Black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted) must be 12” in length.
 b. Fish will be caught, measured, photographed, and released.
 c. Fish will be photographed using a smartphone or digital camera.
VI. Weigh-In
 a. Anglers must return to the launch point at the designated time.
 b. Anglers must turn in identifier or verbally check in with tournament director at designated time.
 c. Failure to check in at designated time will result in tournament disqualification
 d. If an angler must leave tournament early, angler must notify tournament director when leaving and arrange for fish to be judged
VII. Scoring
 a. Each angler will be given a unique identifier.
 b. Identifier must be visible in each photo.
 c. Fish will be measured to the nearest ¼”, rounding down.
 d. Tail must pass through ¼” line to be measured at that length
VIII. Photo Criteria
 a. Kayak must be visible in all photos
 b. Photo must include the entire fish.
 c. Fish must be facing left.
 d. Lip of fish must be touching end of measuring device.
 e. Mouth must be CLOSED (1/4” deduction for cracked mouth, 1” deduction for no attempt). If the Hawg Trough can be seen between the lips, the mouth is cracked and will incur a ¼” deduction.
 f. Dorsal fin must be facing upward.
 g. Tail must be centered and in a relaxed state
 h. Fish visibly unharmed.
 i. Markings on the measuring device must be clear and legible to the ¼”.
 j. Photos must be taken directly from above, not at an angle.
 k. Assigned identifier must be visible.
 l. Photo must be taken by same angler who caught fish.
 m. No restraining devices (stringers, fish grips, etc) allowed in any photos
 n. Hook must be removed from fish before taking photo
 o. Fish eye must be uncovered and visible
 p. No hands under fish gill plate
IX. Measuring Device
 a. The Hawg Trough is the only approved measuring device
 b. Hawg Trough may be checked at any time.
 c. Hawg Troughs must be marked to the ¼”.
 d. A sticker or other contrast must be applied to the lip of the Hawg Trough
 e. Lines must be colored in
 f. If Hawg Trough cannot be read, measurement will be rounded down to nearest legible mark.
 X. Points allocation
 a. Points will be awarded based on angler finish (100 points for 1st place, 99 for 2nd place, 98 for 3rd place, etc.)
 b. Angler must attend event to be awarded points
 c. Anglers not checking in fish will be awarded 50 points
XI. Ties
 a. In the event of a tie, the angler who submitted his/her fish first will be declared the winner.
XII. Rules, Interpretations, and Protests
 a. All rules are decided on by KAST and club tournament directors.
 b. At the conclusion of each tournament, all cash winners will view submitted fish prior to awards
 c. Any challenges to the tournament results or rules must be presented prior to awards
 d. Once prizes have been awarded, tournament results are declared final.
XIII. Polygraph
 a. By participating, all anglers agree to all rules set forth
 b. If an angler believes cheating has occurred during the tournament, angler must challenge results prior to awards
 c. Concern must be brought immediately to tournament director
 d. Challenging angler will be responsible for payment of polygraph
 e. Polygraph must occur no later than 1 week from date of challenge
 f. Refusal of polygraph is an admittance of guilt which will result in statewide ban
XIV. Competitor Conduct
 a. Competitors participating in any KAST sanctioned event must obs-erve the applicable rules for the specific event in which they are participating and must conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects favorably on the sport of kayak bass fishing, KAST, its members, officers or representatives, tournaments or sponsors. Competitors are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, integrity, safety and conservation in support of the sport of kayak bass fishing, especially when in the vicinity of non-Competitors who may be on or beside eligible waters. Any Competitor who violates these principles or behaves in ways the reflect unfavorably upon KAST efforts to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters and courtesy, may forfeit tournament winnings, face suspension from future KAST sanctioned events, be permanently banned from competition, or any combination thereof deemed appropriate by KAST.

b. It is an obligation of Competitors to refrain from comments in public forums and social media or to the news media that unreasonably attack or disparage the integrity of KAST tournaments, tournament officials, sponsors, fellow members, fellow Competitors or the KAST organization. Competitors are encouraged to express themselves and have the right to question the rules officials. Public comments that a Competitor knows, or should reasonably know, will harm the reputation of KAST or member clubs may result in disciplinary action.

c. Publicly disputing any judgment decisions by KAST Tournament Directors or judges will result in participants receiving one warning followed by permanent disqualification for repeated offenses. Any public dispute of final rulings, ongoing determination by judges or judging panel is grounds for immediate disqualification from the current event and termination of any eligibility for future events, even if previously qualified. This is not in place to prevent any disputes; it is done to ensure that a fair and unbiased approach is used and the approved challenge and appeals processes are followed in determining the best possible outcome.

Fish Limits by fishing time
Minimum Length 12”
2hr-4hr (2 Fish)
4hr-8hr (3 Fish)
Full Day (8+hrs) or 2 Day (Best 5 Fish)
Team Event (5 Fish/Team)
Link to map : https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zAlY0x5x0yLo.k08OfgJ7H7E0

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